Premier/Pre-International/Metric Drumheads

Are metric-size drumheads for my old Premier drum-set still available? How can I order them?

Yes, drumheads for Premier model drums are still available for purchase. In the 1980's, Remo worked closely with Premier to develop tooling for 4 major sizes: Rack Toms- 10" (9-5/8" actual diameter), 12" (11-7/8" actual diameter); Floor Toms-16" (16-5/16" actual diameter); and Bass-20" (19-5/8" actual diameter).
Please note: some Premier models were made outside of these 'standardized' sizes, and may require a full custom made-by-hand drumhead. If your measurements fall outside of these specs, please see custom drumhead link:

If the inner-diameter of your current drumheads are consistent to the sizes listed above, choose from the following list and submit the special order with your local or online retail store The retail store will provide price and estimated lead-time.

BA-0110-PR- Batter, AMBASSADOR®, Coated, 9-5/8" Diameter
BA-0112-PR- Batter, AMBASSADOR®, Coated, 11-7/8" Diameter
BA-0116-PR- Batter, AMBASSADOR®, Coated, 16-5/16" Diameter
BR-1120-PR- Bass, AMBASSADOR®, Coated, 19-5/8" Diameter

BA-0310-PR- Batter, AMBASSADOR®, Clear, 9-5/8" Diameter
BA-0312-PR- Batter, AMBASSADOR®, Clear, 11-7/8" Diameter
BA-0316-PR- Batter, AMBASSADOR®, Clear, 16-5/16" Diameter
BR-1320-PR- Bass, AMBASSADOR®, Clear, 19-5/8" Diameter

BA-0210-PR- Batter, AMBASSADOR®, SMOOTH WHITE™, 9-5/8" Dia
BA-0212-PR- Batter, AMBASSADOR®, SMOOTH WHITE™, 11-7/8" Dia
BA-0216-PR- Batter, AMBASSADOR®, SMOOTH WHITE™, 16-5/16" Di
BR-1220-PR- Bass, AMBASSADOR®, SMOOTH WHITE™, 19-5/8" Dia

PS-0310-PR- Batter, PINSTRIPE®, Clear, 9-5/8" Diameter
PS-0312-PR- Batter, PINSTRIPE®, Clear, 11-7/8" Diameter
PS-0316-PR- Batter, PINSTRIPE®, Clear, 16-5/16" Diameter
PS-1320-PR- Bass, PINSTRIPE®, Clear, 19-5/8" Diameter

PS-0110-PR- Batter, PINSTRIPE®, Coated, 9-5/8" Diameter
PS-0112-PR- Batter, PINSTRIPE®, Coated, 11-7/8" Diameter
PS-0116-PR- Batter, PINSTRIPE®, Coated, 16-5/16" Diameter

BE-0112-PR- Batter, EMPEROR®, Coated, 11-7/8" Diameter
BE-0116-PR- Batter, EMPEROR®, Coated, 16-5/16" Diameter
BB-1120-PR- Bass, EMPEROR®, Coated, 19-5/8" Diameter

BE-0312-PR- Batter, EMPEROR®, Clear, 11-7/8" Diameter
BE-0316-PR- Batter, EMPEROR®, Clear, 16-5/16" Diameter
BB-1320-PR- Bass, EMPEROR®, Clear, 19-5/8" Diameter

BE-0216-PR- Batter, EMPEROR®, SMOOTH WHITE™, 16-5/16" Dia
BB-1220-PR- Bass, EMPEROR®, SMOOTH WHITE™, 19-5/8" Diameter

FA-0510-PR- Batter, AMBASSADOR®, FIBERSKYN®, 9-5/8" Diameter
FA-0512-PR- Batter, AMBASSADOR®, FIBERSKYN®, 11-7/8" Diameter
FA-0516-PR- Batter, AMBASSADOR®, FIBERSKYN®, 16-5/16" Dia
FA-1520-PR- Bass, AMBASSADOR®, FIBERSKYN®, 19-5/8" Diameter

FD-0512-PR- Batter, DIPLOMAT®, FIBERSKYN®, 11-7/8" Diameter

BD-0116-PR- Batter, DIPLOMAT®, Coated, 16-5/16" Diameter
BD-0316-PR- Batter, DIPLOMAT®, Clear, 16-5/16" Diameter

CS-0312-PR- Batter, CONTROLLED SOUND®, Clear, 11-7/8" Diameter
CS-0316-PR- Batter, CONTROLLED SOUND®, Clear, BLACK DOT™, 16-5/16" Dia

VA-0112-PR- Batter, Vintage AMBASSADOR®, Coated, 11-7/8" Dia
VA-0116-PR- Batter, Vintage AMBASSADOR®, Coated, 16-5/16" Dia

SA-0112-PR- Snare, AMBASSADOR®, Hazy, 11-7/8" Diameter

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