Measuring a Drum Shell

The Basics:

Remove the counter hoop and drumhead and measure the Outside Dimension or OD of the drum shell.

If the dimension is a whole number such as 12”or just under (11-7/8” in this illustration), you would need a 12” Batter head.



The Details:

Some drum shells are covered and have overlapping seams. It is best to measure across the drum shell in a few locations and average the dimensions.

Many older drums are out-of-round and difficult to measure. In this case, take a string and tightly wrap it around the drum shell and mark the overlapping points. Lay the string out straight and measure the marked distance and divide it by 3.14. This will give you a good average of what the diameter is. In this illustration: 37.031” divided by 3.14 = 11.8” OD.

If the dimension is a whole number such as 12”or less, then our standard 12” batter head will work fine. If the dimension is a larger than 12”, such as 12-1/8”, then our Classic Fit batter head should work.

Bass heads are fitted essentially the same as batter heads except the flesh hoop is larger to accommodate the bass drum counter hoop.  As an example, an 18” bass head will not fit an 18” floor tom with a standard metal counter hoop, as the bass flesh hoop is larger and would not be able to rest inside the metal counter hoop.





**Please note that when possible providing us with a sample of the old drumhead will increase the probability that the drumhead will fit correctly. Custom drumheads are non-refundable and there is no guarantee that they will fit if a sample is not provided.

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