Trixon and Vox Drumhead Options

The following custom drumheads fit the Vox Telstar model bass drums, and most Trixon Speedfire bass drums:  

CM-5360-BR-26500   Ambassador Coated, 26.5" width.  Kick Side

CM-5439-BB-26500   Emperor Clear, 26.5" width.  Kick Side


CM-5410-BR-26500   Ambassador Coated, 26.5" width.  Reso Side

CM-5574-ES-26500   Ambassador Ebony, 26.5" width.  Reso Side

CM-5724-FA-26500   Ambassador FIBERSKYN, 26.5" width.  Reso Side


*Make sure you purchase the correct side needed as they are not interchangeable due to the odd-shape.  'Kick' is the beater side, and "Reso" is the front, non-beater side.


                     Kick Side                                                                                     Reso Side


Place the special order for these custom made-to-order heads through your preferred music retailer:  They will quote you price and lead-time.

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