Custom Drumheads

I need to have a custom head made, can you do that?

There are some restrictions but we are able to custom make pretty much any drumhead size and in most film configurations. We prefer to have the original drumheads sent in so we can match them but if this is not an option we can make the drumheads to your specifications. There is an additional charge for custom size heads and all sales are final with no exchanges or returns.

For more information on ordering please email us at Someone from our Customer Support Team can get the process started and then the sale will take place through an authorized Remo dealer.

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    I have played a lots of sets, favorite was fibes without wholes in the toms and the miking made all ways problems, so the pine stripe was in 2 and remembered me looking like a membrane of a microphone, should be possible the membrane drum head. The air in the toms is another problems, heat etc.. Let me hear your mind about it. Cheers Norbert Hahn

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