Bass vs Snare/Tom type Drumheads

Can I use a tom style drumhead on my bass drum (visa versa)?

Drumhead types are specific to the type of counter-hoop used on the drum.  Drums with wooden counter-hoops, most common on bass drums, require a 'bass-type' drumhead which has a wide gauge aluminum flesh-hoop to properly seat and tune up.  Drums that use metal counter-hoops, most common on snare and toms, require a non-bass drumhead which has a thinner gauge aluminum flesh-hoop to seat inside.  Players have managed to interchange head types in some cases, but it's not likely nor recommended for optimum performance.

*We also identify with the part #'s where the 3rd digit is '0' for snare/tom and '1' for bass use.

For example:


PS-0320-00 is for snare/tom style

PS-1320-00 is for bass style.




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