Classic Fit Sizing Specs

What's the exact measurements of the Classic Fit line to see if that's what i need for my drums?

All sizes (12"-22" diameters) are +.130 inches over the advertised drumhead size. For example, a 14" diameter Classic Fit drumhead, has an inner diameter (from aluminum flesh-hoop) of 14.130 inches.


Here's a few points to consider when determining if Classic Fit is right for your drums:

We designed Classic Fit with a more narrow aluminum flesh-hoop allowing proper seating with the drums counter-hoop, and room to rest on drum shells that either run slightly over sized-due to natural expansion over time or overlapping of the shell wrap finish, or even out-of-round drum shells.  

Many vintage drum wraps, even some made today, were done in sheets, not rolls. The sheets were too short to cover the entire circumference of bass drums and 18” floor toms. Therefore, these drums had two overlapping seams which make it more difficult for a normal size flesh hoop to fit over the seams.



  • Cut‐a‐way view of a drum shell with one overlapping seam


Tom-Toms and Snare Drums that have a thick overlapping seam will interfere with the drumhead flesh hoop, keeping it from moving down over the seam and not allowing the drumhead film to rest on the bearing edge. If the standard drumhead is forced over the shell it will not resonant freely and cause wrinkles in the drumhead film.

  • Remo Standard Batter Head


  •  Remo Classic Batter Head with a larger ID and more narrow profile so the counterhoop fit remains unchanged.



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