Pre-tuned Drum: Tension and Pitch


REMO Pre-Tuned Products are manufactured to meet a target tension range. Certain factors may naturally influence pitch, including but not limited to: length of time and intensity played, environmental conditions, and frequency of transit.

“Tone Quality” is a special feature of all REMO Pre-Tuned Products that makes each instrument’s tone truly unique. While different drumhead films and weights change the sound, tone variance may occur between drums of the same size, film, and pitch. This feature occurs organically, making each REMO Pre-Tuned Product truly unique.

With over 35 years of delivering the highest quality Pre-Tuned Products, REMO continues to make technical advances to serve a wide and diverse population.


Look for REMO product lines like VERSA® and FESTIVAL™ that offer a replacement Pre-Tuned drumhead.

All REMO Pre-Tuned Products are warrantied against manufacturing defects.
• Drum Shell- 2 Years
• Drumhead-1 Year



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