Old Remo Drum Parts Inquiry

How do i get replacement parts for my old Remo drums? Do you still sell hardware for discontinued drums? Do you still offer replacement drumheads for discontinued drums?

Please provide as much detail on your request as possible...Remo drum model name if possible, and description/qty of the parts needed. You must provide photo's of your drum model with a focus on the hardware-type (lugs, tom arms, legs, brackets etc) to ensure accuracy of the parts needed as some different model drums may share the same components depending on the time of production and generation of the product in question. 

We do manage to keep most parts available for purchase after an item has been discontinued. However once stock is depleted, we can no longer offer the option and you may need to retrofit generic parts as the last option.

Original drumheads used on discontinued drums are often available ongoing, or an alternative may be available. If you simply need a drumhead replacement, please provide description if possible.

Upload all images with your inquiry to support@remo.com

Once product #'s are provided, please place the special order with your local or online retail store. www.remo.com/retailers 

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