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Remo Drum Shells: 'Acousticon'



  • Keith Lovell

    These shells are perhaps the best sounding I have ever heard! I have the very first (MasterTouch) shells Remo ever made and I love the sound! I have had almost every other major brand out there and they haven't compared with these Remo's! I just wish the lugs & other supporting hardware was better.

  • Jasondana

    We should likely not brag too much about these drums because I don't think there are too many of them around,but the first gen acousticon shells(brown) are indeed,the best ever..I have a 24"/16" kick drum that is sealed up with no port and virtually no dampening. Combined with a powerstroke3 and a custom modified front head it has so much room shaking bottom end,that I have never heard from another drum..
    Just remove the plastic wrap to reveal a surprise..They look great with the wrap removed(not so much the later shells) even resembling some sort of burled wood at a distance. So my advice is,if any of these acousticon shells are found...dont bother..they suck..nothing to see hear..move along..thanks


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