Klong Yao Replacement Drumheads

Here's a list of drumhead replacements for the Remo Klong Yao Drums.  These heads are not standard in-stock products for retailers so special orders will be needed. 


Klong Yao 14" -  bearing edge measuring 13.25" Diameter, 31" Height

-Drumhead Model: MM-2014-FA-DARK


Klong Yao 12" -  bearing edge measuring 11.25" Diameter, 31" Height

-Drumhead Model: MM-2012-FA-


Klong Yao 10" -  bearing edge measuring 9.25" Diameter, 29" Height

-Drumhead Model: MM-2010-FA-


Klong Yao 9" -  bearing edge measuring 8" Diameter, 27" Height

-Drumhead Model: MM-2009-FA-



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