Apex Assembly and Maintenance



Place Drumhead inside counterhoop.


Insert tuning hooks.


Check to make sure all 8 hooks are installed.


Turn drumhead and counterhoop over and allow
tuning hooks to rest in the vertical position.


Align tuning hooks with tension lugs.


Place each tuning hook
into corresponding hole.


Place tension nut into socket first then lay
washer on top of tension nut. Thread nut
& washer onto tension hook.


Tighten drumhead to desired pitch.



Drumhead, Hardware, & Molded Drumshell can be
cleaned with an ordinary household glass cleaner. Wipe
dry with a clean cloth.


Lubricate Tuning Nuts, Washers, and Tuning Hooks
periodically with silicone spray. Turn drum upside down
and spray as shown to allow silicone to seep into the tension
nut, washer, and threads.



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