Advent Assembly and Maintenance



Drumhead Replacement/Tuning


Place Drumhead on Drumshell. 


Place Counterhoop Ring On Top of Drumhead.


Place Tuning Hook into Tuning Bracket.


Thread Nut onto Tuning Hook.



Tighten Drumhead to
Desired Pitch
Using Wrench.

NOTE: A wrench is included for
tuning. A 1/4” drive ratchet with a
5/16” deep socket can also be used
for quick tuning.


Care and Maintenance

Drumhead, Hardware, and Molded Drumshell can be
cleaned with an ordinary household glass cleaner. Wipe
dry with a clean cloth.


Lubricate Tuning Nuts, Washers, and Tuning Hooks
periodically with silicone spray. Turn drum upside down
and spray as shown to allow silicone to seep into the tension
nut, washer, and threads.



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