Custom Graphic Banjo Heads

Does Remo Offer Custom Graphic Banjo Heads?

Yes, Remo does offer custom graphic banjo heads. Our banjo heads are the highest quality heads in the market. We do not use stickers, decals or print ink on the surface of the film. The images are permanently embedded into the structure of the film which eliminates the chance of pealing, scratching or ripping. With Remo custom graphic banjo heads you get the sound and the durability of a standard head. Remo graphic drumheads are far superior to all other graphic heads and are at the same level quality you expect from our standard heads.

Graphic banjo heads are offered in the standard thickness and in either our Suede(R)(matte) finish or standard glossy. These are available in all of the banjo sizes we offer in 8" diameter through 12 1/8" and in all three collar heights of Low(3/8"), Medium(7/16") and High(1/2").

Artwork should be submitted at 300dpi at the diameter of the banjo head you want to order and in an illustrator, photoshop or vector file.

In the U.S. to submit a custom graphic design or for current pricing and guidelines for submitting please email us at or contact our Customer Support Department at 800-525-5134.

All custom orders will be routed through the Musical Instrument Dealer of your choice and a manufacturing lead time will be required.

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