Cybermax: Metric size for Pipe Band Snare Drum

KS-0514-PR-This CyberMax head is technically 14.07" diameter and has a specific compatibility.  "-PR-" refers to metric sizing most commonly used by Premier.

Use this Cybermax with the following Snare Drums:

Premier HTS800 and Premier HTS700

HTS 800 Premier Snare Drums with Polished Aluminum - 4 Standard Colors -  Henderson Imports

Premier HTS400 and Premier HTS350 (shorter shell)


Pearl FFX snares **made in 2008 or before**

Pearl Championship Maple FFX Marching Snare Drum 14 x 12 in. Midnight Black  | Guitar Center

*For other pipe band snares use the Cybermax universal head KS-0524-00-


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