Tycoon Conga: Drumhead Selection


Remo's Tucked Conga drumheads fit most Tycoon model Congas.  In some instances, the same size counter-hoop was used on 2 different sized drums (usually 10" and 11") where you'd reference the same size drumhead.  If possible, contact a local music store to see if they have stock on Remo Tucked heads, and test your counter-hoops to ensure a good fit before purchase.


If you have a set of congas consisting of 11", 11.75" and 12.5" sizes you'll most likely need our Full-size Tucked Conga drumheads

All 3 film options available:

Tucked Fiberskyn®Tucked Nuskyn®Tucked Skyndeep®

 If you have a set of congas consisting of 10", 11" sizes, check to see if the counter-hoops are the same size.

-If they are the same size, they will both require the S-series Tucked 11" Conga Drumhead.

-If they are different sizes, you will reference S-series Tucked 10" and S-series Tucked 11". 

Only available in Fiberskyn and Nuskyn:

Tucked Fiberskyn®Tucked Nuskyn®

Place the order with your local or online music retailer. www.remo.com/retailers



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