Toca Conga Player Series: Drumhead Selection

Remo Symmetry Conga drumheads are designed specifically for non-Remo model Congas equipped with the latest version 'contoured/radial' hoops, i.e rims, as a standard among conga manufacturers-beginning since the late 90's. (If you have traditional hoops or would prefer tucked conga drumheads, please see other knowledge base post to confirm if drumheads are available for your model or contact our support center).

Symmetry drumheads are specifically engineered to conform to the shells bearing edge with tension for optimum tone, pitch stability, and projection.

Denotation: 'D' in the model number, denotes the inner diameter (ID) of the Aluminum Ring. D1 being the smallest, D4 being the largest-all specific to the type/model of the drum. Note the Crown size, i.e.playing surface remains the same: 9.75", 10.75" 11.06", 11.25”, 11.75", 12.25” 12.50", 13”.

Due to non-standardized conga drum manufacturing, drumhead fit may vary...make sure to center and level as you tension for optimum performance. All listed models have been fit tested by Remo staff.

Toca Congas: Player series

Drum sizes 10,11"

Choose from the following drumhead selection:

M4-0975-F5-D2 Conga Drumhead, Symmetry, 9.75" D2, FIBERSKYN®
M4-1075-F5-D2 Conga Drumhead, Symmetry, 10.75" D2, FIBERSKYN®


(suffix-003=Calf, 007=Tiger, 008=PR Flag, 009=Black Calf)
M4-0975-S6-D2003 Conga Drumhead, Symmetry, 9.75" D2, SKYNDEEP®, "Calfskin" Graphic
M4-1075-S6-D2003 Conga Drumhead, Symmetry, 10.75" D2, SKYNDEEP®, "Calfskin" Graphic
(for images on all Skyndeep finishes go to


M4-0975-N6-D2 Conga Drumhead, Symmetry, 9.75" D2, NUSKYN®
M4-1075-N6-D2 Conga Drumhead, Symmetry, 10.75" D2, NUSKYN®


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