Retail Store: product stock

No one has the product I am looking for in-stock, how do I get it?

Due to the extensive assortment of products Remo Inc. manufactures, and the public interest in specific product types based off region, it's very difficult for retail stores to stock 'everything'.

All retail stores will focus their stock on what they see most demand for. You should find that many drum shops will try to stock a near full range of product-types/lines with the 'drummer' in mind; but should you find yourself at a dead-end, it can certainly be special ordered.

Feel free to use the music retail store locator on the Remo site to find stores near you or online that may have the item in-stock. 

Should all stores not have the item currently in-stock, simply choose a store you feel best handled your inquiry and they will process the special order for you.

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