Artist Endorsement

How Do I Endorse Remo Products? 

Thank you for your interest in becoming a Remo Artist Endorsee.

We would like you to know what it means to be part of #teamremo. Remo, Inc. is the largest and most renowned manufacturer of drumheads in the world. Artists join an exclusive roster comprised of the world’s top drummers and percussionists. We fully commit to our artists, so we're very selective about whom we bring on board. Most importantly, our artists believe that Remo drumheads are the best on the market and that their sound is defined by our products.

The Remo Artist Family
As previously mentioned, we sign artists and bring them into the Remo family with a commitment to excellence. We equally value your experience with our drumheads and our team. The longevity of our artist endorsements is directly linked to the personal relationships we develop. Our artists are treated as part of the Remo family. While we manage an entire team of domestic and international artists, we strive to make sure everyone is taken care of.

Commitment to the Crown

Product loyalty plays as much of a factor as playing skills and activity. With this understanding, we can build relationships that benefit both parties. The selection process does take time since we verify the information provided. Some characteristics we consider include playing capabilities, product loyalty, current activities, popularity, knowledge of the brand, passion, and the desire to play Remo products exclusively.

The Who and Why of a Remo Artist
Our goal is to create a mutually beneficial relationship where the artists receive their equipment directly from us and we provide additional support when needed. We look for artists popular enough to influence many consumers and increase sales and brand awareness of Remo, Inc. The endorsement influences the consumer fan base to use the same products artists choose to play.

Factors we evaluate for potential Endorsements.

  • Popularity and Marketability.
  • A high volume of traffic and interaction in followers, views, and streams on social media platforms (YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc.) and music streaming services (Apple Music, Spotify, Pandora, Google Music, etc.)
  • Major TV, Movie, Video, Award Shows, and studio credits.
  • Performance on high profile tours.
  • Project sales and streaming data.
  • Teaching at a Major University (Education), competitive High School Drumlines, or Drum Corps (Marching).
  • Other official brand endorsements are required (Drum company, Cymbals, Drumsticks, etc.) Note: Meeting these requirements does not guarantee approval for endorsement.)
  • Referrals from your other endorsement companies or current Remo Artists will be necessary to begin the endorsement process.
  • Applicants must be 18 years or older for endorsement consideration.

 Referrals from your other endorsement companies or current Remo Artists will be necessary to begin the endorsement process.

Thank you for your interest in endorsing Remo Products and good luck!

Remo Artist Relations

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