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REMO $250 Scholarship Rebate

Teachers who purchase, or whose schools purchase, one of the official REMO World Music Drumming Packages are eligible to receive a personal $250 REMO scholarship rebate for attending any of the 5-day or online sampler World Music Drumming workshops. Save your bill of sale/receipt for any of the above packages and we will provide instructions and a certificate at the workshop for receiving your scholarship rebate. There is no application or process that happens before the workshop takes place.


Email a copy of your WMD Workshop Completion Certificate and the World Music Drumming Package purchase receipt to:  **INCLUDE IN EMAIL SUBJECT LINE: WORLD MUSIC DRUMMING REBATE**

Checks will be processed within 45 days following email receipt of your certificate and sales receipt.


Frequently Asked Questions:

  • What Qualifies? / What Does Not Qualify?
    • You or your school must purchase a complete REMO World Music Drumming Package A, B, C, or E to qualify for the scholarship.
    • Buying the individual components of the sets (even though the dollar figure may be equal or greater) does NOT qualify for the scholarship.


  • If my school purchased the REMO set A, B, C, or E, who gets the scholarship rebate money?
    • If you are paying your workshop tuition, transportation, housing, and meals, the scholarship rebate goes to you. If the school pays all of those costs, the scholarship rebate goes to the school.


  • How many people can receive the scholarship rebate per set purchased or per workshop?
    • There is only one rebate per workshop completed. Therefore, if you purchase two sets but one person attends one workshop, the rebate is $250. If two people attend workshops and purchase two sets, the rebate is $250 for each person. If two people from the same school complete the workshop but only one package is purchased, the rebate is $250 total, not per person. If a school purchases two sets, a teacher may receive a $250 scholarship for two separate workshops attended.


  • Can I get the scholarship without attending a workshop?
    • No, the scholarship rebate is intended for workshop attendees only.


  • Can I get the scholarship money before the workshop?
    • No, you will receive a certificate at the end of the workshop and instructions for redeeming the scholarship.


  • What are the time limits on the Scholarship Rebate?
    • If your school purchases a REMO World Music Drumming Package, you must complete the workshop within one year from the purchase date; OR, your school must purchase the REMO World Music Drumming Package within one year of the date on the workshop certificate.
    • REMO World Music Drumming Packages purchased before June 1, 2021 will have until August 15, 2022 to redeem a personal scholarship rebate. All later purchases will be subject to the one-year rule above.
    • Please redeem your workshop certificate and WMD package receipt within 30 days of completion of the workshop or purchase, whichever comes last. If you have any questions, please email: 


Music Workshops, LLC      3908 E. Maryland Street, Bellingham, WA 98226      (425) 780-1261

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