Portable and Affordable Instruments for Education and Family and Online Drumming Fun!


Remo’s huge range of world percussion instruments include a selection of drums and percussion that are easy to store, to move and are affordable. Let’s take a look and some fo these really great options!


Full Body Drums


Versa Drums are available in three sizes,9”, 11” and13”, and three shapes: Djembe, Timabu and Tubano. They come in sets and can also be purchased individually. All drumheads are replaceable and can be used as frame drums as well!



The Versa Nesting Tubano set is a favorite because of the compact design for both transportation and storage, and for their great sound. 




Festival Drums are an affordable option that also have great features; lightweight and portable, stackable and nesting sets, replaceable drumheads. And they can be purchased individually. All drums are 10” in diameter.



The Festival Drum Tubano Nested Set is another compact option in the Festival Drum line. 14”, 12” and 10” drums nest neatly inside one another and like all Festival Drum, the heads are replaceable. 



The Travel Percussion Pack provides instruments for up to 20 people and includes Hand Drums, Tambourine, Buffalo Drums and an assortment of Shakers in a durable padded shoulder bag.



Rhythm Lids


Remo’s Rhythm Lid® Drumheads are designed to fit most 5, 6, and 7 gallon U.S. made pails and turn them into a powerful rhythm makin’ machines! There are 4 different basic types, Skyndeep® bright, medium, and dark, and Comfort Sound Technology®, giving you a wide range of sound options.





Remo’s Rhythm Lid™ Controlled Sound® Snare Kit instantly rocks your bucket providing a high-end snare drum-like sound. It includes the Patented “SNARE CLIP” accessory. That allows you to turn your bucket into a snare drum in a snap!




Sound Shapes


One of Remo’s most ingenious inventions, Sound Shapes are versatile, lightweight, portable and very playful! They come in a variety of packs, in different shapes and sizes and are a great value to boot!








Remo has a ton of tambourines, an instrument found in just about every type of music. Here are a few of the best for all-around use.



A classic warm sound in a lightweight traditional design, it is available in three sizes, with a single-row 6 jingle set for the 6" model, and either a single or double-row 8 jingle set for the 8" and 10" models. 




Sounds scary, but it’s not...! Our simplest tambourine and least expensive, i also comes in three sizes with a single-row 6 jingle set for the 6" model, and either a single or double-row 8 jingle set for the 8" and 10" models. 




The Economy Tambourine features a classic warm sound in a lightweight traditional design. Constructed with an Acousticon® shell and a pre-tuned Smooth White™ drumhead with a single-row 6 jingle set for the 6" model, and either a single or double-row 8 jingle set for the 8" and 10" models. The Economy Tambourine is an affordable high-quality instrument ideal for Recreational and professional drum enthusiasts. Available in black finish. Sizes: 6", 8" and 10".





The Fruit Shake® packs are durable and safe for even the littlest ones in the band as they are constructed with hard, molded plastic with internal non-toxic beads creating a soft musical sound. Available in 7-piece assorted or 6-piece single fruit packs.



The Kids Make Music Egg Shakers produce crisp, rhythmic sounds with an easy to hold shape that is perfect for little hands.




Frame Drums


Lightweight and affordably priced the Thinline Frame Drum is designed for beginners and professionals. 8" - 16" diameter drums, available in a 5 piece pack or individually.



Remo’s classic Fiberskyn Frame Drum is pretuned and comes in 6 sizes, 8”-22”. Durable and nestable, it produces warm tones with hand or mallet and is available individually and in a variety of packs. 



Instruments for Kids!

Featuring a Baby Drum and mallet, Baby Bell stick, Maraca and Red Scarf, the Babies Make Music Kit provides the ideal instruments to ignite an early love of music for infants ranging in age from birth to 2 years. 



Perfect for ages 2 – 5. The Kids Make Music Kit includes a Tambourine, Rhythm Sticks, Maraca, Jingle Bells, and Triangle, perfect for inspiring creativity in young minds and hearts! 



The Kids Make Music Too Kit, designed for ages 3 – 8, comes with a Hand Drum and mallet, Tone Block, Finger Cymbals, Shaker Egg and Purple Scarf. Rhythm, movement and play! Children love it!



The Kids Percussion® Lollipop Drum® is colorful and attractive and easy to play for all ages 3 and up. Available in sizes: 6”, 8” and 10”.



Durable and colorful, The Kids Percussion® Bongo features Skyndeep® pre-tuned drumheads and has a distinctive sound heard in popular music of all kinds. 



The Kids Percussion® Konga can be played while sitting or standing using the shoulder strap provided.  Recipient of the prestigious Oppenheim Gold Seal Toy Award it is an important part of the percussion family of rhythm instruments and playfully introduces children to the basic building block of all music, rhythm. 



The Kids Percussion® Djembe can be played while seated or, using the strap provided, played standing as well. The FiberSkyn very drumhead is durable and produces a bright, playful sound. 



The Kids Percussion® Floor Tom produces a fun, professional high-quality sound. Featuring an Acousticon® shell, a pre-tuned Skyndeep® drumhead and a vibrant Rainforest finish, the Kids Percussion® Floor Tom is favorite among both teachers and parents and of course kids too!


The Kids Percussion® Floor Tom with Comfort Sound Technology® delivers a unique, warm and focused tone that is accessible for kids, including those with sound sensitivities or sensory seeking behaviors. 



The Kids Percussion® Gathering Drum produces a big, fun sound and is ideal for group drumming in a classroom setting and with family at home. It is appropriate for ages 5 and up and is available in a variety of sizes.


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