Protective Ring Base for Apex & Advent Djembe-parts and assembly


18-4210-00- Parts, Protective Ring Base, Accessory, 10" Advent Djembe

18-4211-00- Parts, Protective Ring Base, Accessory, 12" Apex Djembe

Special order through a local or online music retail store:


For best results we recommend using a two part epoxy adhesive such as J‐B Weld PlasticWeld or Gorilla Glue Epoxy and sanding the inside walls and bottom of the ring with a course-grit sandpaper, such as 100 or 120 grit.  This will add scratches to the surface and enable the adhesive to grip the rubber ring. After sanding, thoroughly clean the inside of the ring.  Mix the two part epoxy in a separate cup and spread it on the inside walls and inside bottom of the ring.



Press the drum in the Protective Ring Base. Do not lift the drum to clean the inside.  Wipe off any
excess glue from the outside of the drum only while it is wet.  Let the drum sit, standing up on the
Protective Ring Base until the glue thoroughly cures.


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