Weather King. Remo Crown History

My Remo drumheads don't say Weather king on them, are they genuine or fake?

Remo was the first to use Mylar®*, a polyester film made by DuPont, to create drumheads that were unusually durable, inexpensive, and weather-resistant-all the while providing previously unattainable pitch, tone and consistency from that of calf skin.

"Weather King" was essentially a marketing tool to sway players away from using calf skin drumheads. The three original Weatherking drumheads are Diplomat™, Ambassador™, and Emperor™. Their full rich, tones have made these classic heads the drumhead standard since their 1957 introduction.

As Remo Inc. progressed, the stamps that were applied to drumheads to identify the product went through several updates-marking a new era of innovation and excellence. Now with mylar drumheads being the Standard, and in efforts to simplify the look of Remo drumheads, we've since removed the word "Weatherking" from our logos. Rest assured, there has been no change to the manufacturing of the drumhead itself, so you can expect the same high quality product as ever before.



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