Colortone 6" Drumheads

We do manufacture Emperor Colortone Drumheads in a 6" size.  These are considered special order and may take a couple weeks to order through a retailer but yes they are available.  Below are the model numbers you can provide your favorite retailer to help initiate a special order. 


Part Number Description
BE-0306-CT-BU Emperor® Colortone™ Blue Drumhead, 8", **Special Order**
BE-0306-CT-GN Emperor® Colortone™ Green Drumhead, 8", **Special Order**
BE-0306-CT-OG Emperor® Colortone™ Orange Drumhead, 8", **Special Order**
BE-0306-CT-RD Emperor® Colortone™ Red Drumhead, 8", **Special Order**
BE-0306-CT-SM Emperor® Colortone™ Smoke Drumhead, 8", **Special Order**
BE-0306-CT-YE Emperor® Colortone™ Yellow Drumhead, 8", **Special Order**


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