Djembe Sound Control Pack Instructions

My new Remo Djembe came with a sound control dot & ring pack. How do I install?

Remo key-tuned Djembes now come with an accessory pack as an option to customize your drums tonal characteristics.

You have 3 suggested options to create your own may even use all 3 components for the most dampened/dry characteristics: 
1" foam dot will subtly reduce overtones. Place on the underside of the drumhead, in an off-set position to avoid choking the drum (beneath the Remo Crown for example).
4" dot will slightly lower the fundamental frequency removing high-frequency overtones, and add tonal focus while leaving the outer-edge more resonant without other dampening agents applied. Position on the under-side, centered.
5.5" ring reduces vibration 'resonance'. Position centered on the underside.

You may either apply through the shell, using your arms and hands as gauges to the position or remove the head altogether to position more accurately.

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