Remo Drum Shells: 'Acousticon'

What kind of wood are your drum-shells made out of?

Acousticon refers to Remo's shell material used on the majority of world percussion products that are produced in the Remo Inc. factory.
It is made from multiple thin plies of 100% recycled wood-fiber materials, laminated under pressure into a solitary tubular structure. Each drum-shell is impregnated with special resins to aid-in leaving moisture out, and then given a special 'acousticon' coating inside for optimal tone/acoustic qualities.

Acousticon utilizes high technology in its construction perhaps more than any previous drum shell. It takes the best qualities of wood and betters them for incredible consistency allowing unparalleled pitch, timbre, and projection. The continuous, one-piece wrap of Acousticon makes for a denser, better sounding drum. Because of its "uni-body" construction, there are no mismatched plies of wood, and all shells are constructed to exacting thicknesses, resulting in a sound with focus and articulation.

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    Keith Lovell

    These shells are perhaps the best sounding I have ever heard! I have the very first (MasterTouch) shells Remo ever made and I love the sound! I have had almost every other major brand out there and they haven't compared with these Remo's! I just wish the lugs & other supporting hardware was better.

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    We should likely not brag too much about these drums because I don't think there are too many of them around,but the first gen acousticon shells(brown) are indeed,the best ever..I have a 24"/16" kick drum that is sealed up with no port and virtually no dampening. Combined with a powerstroke3 and a custom modified front head it has so much room shaking bottom end,that I have never heard from another drum..
    Just remove the plastic wrap to reveal a surprise..They look great with the wrap removed(not so much the later shells) even resembling some sort of burled wood at a distance. So my advice is,if any of these acousticon shells are found...dont bother..they suck..nothing to see hear..move along..thanks