Status on Remo Order

How do I check the status of my Remo order that I placed with a store?

All consumer special orders are processed through a retail store. The retail store will submit the order to either a distributor who has the item in-stock for a quick turnaround or direct with Remo where manufacturing lead-times apply. In some cases, a retail store will submit through a distributor that does not have in-stock so lead-time may increase.

When orders are submitted to Remo, the store will receive an estimated ship date shortly after. Please check with the sales associate at the store you placed the order with for status.

If for some reason your order has passed the estimated arrival date and the store sales associate can't provide an updated status, Please call Remo Customer Service @ either or 1-800-525-5134. Please have ready the item #/description/store name/submitted date for a quick look-up.


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