Purchasing Product Directly from Remo

Can I order or purchase products directly from Remo?

If you are a consumer, all Remo products are available through our extensive network of music retail stores all over the world. Find a store near you by clicking on the following link: remo.com/retailers. Note, if you're outside of the US, the link will display suppliers that service your area who can direct you to a store to purchase Remo product through.

If you're a music retail store, you may purchase either through our distribution channels; or contact us directly for info on how to come on board direct (direct purchase for US retailers only).

For all International music retailers/suppliers, we've established Distributors all around the world to represent the Remo brand and have exclusive rights to the regions they sell to. Click the following link for a list of Suppliers near you: remo.com/retailers

If you have any difficulty obtaining a specific Remo product, please post a detailed inquiry on our support page including who you've contacted and what you're looking for. We'll be happy to reach out to our Remo representatives to assist in getting you taken care of.

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