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How Do I Endorse Remo Products? 

This message is designed to give you an idea of the things we consider in evaluating an Endorsement Application.

Because of the variety of instruments we manufacture, Remo artists are as wide-ranging in style and background as they come. By studying the artist section of the Remo website, you will see the major categories that we look for. And, as you might expect, the requirements vary per the category in question.

For example, if you are a drumset player in a band, we look at record sales, tour itineraries & venue size, band history, media exposure such as TV appearances or interviews, who played on the record, etc. On the other hand, if studio work is your thing, we look at the scope and nature of the recordings you have made, as well as your influence in the industry as a recording artist. For percussionists (performing or studio), we look at record sales and media exposure in addition to level of playing, career aspirations, and influence in the drumming community. In the marching arena, our endorsers include the top DCI corps and leading educators. Our symphonic artists are top studio and orchestral percussionists. In all cases, however, it is important that the package we receive is a complete and accurate representation of you as a potential Remo artist.

This does not represent a hard and fast evaluation system for endorsements by any means. Our policy is to evaluate every application that comes in to us on its own merits. This should simply be viewed as a guide to some of the elements we consider.

If you feel you are ready, the first step is getting the application. To request an endorsement application, please email our corporate headquarters at

Thank you again, and all the best in your musical pursuits.


Remo Artist Relations

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