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I’m frustrated

Where are the COMPLETE Bongo head size availability charts ? Or ALL available drum head charts for that matter ?

Your site completely useless for finding all available bongo head sizes. Come on remo get your act together! Where do I have to look?
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  • I apologize for any inconvenience you've experienced. We do our best to update our site as much as possible and try to modify the display of info to better fit the needs of our customers.
    We have been working on a whole new website that will be considerably more user friendly, informative and video of artists and sound clips of nearly all products, etc. It has been quite a timely process and the completion is still not definite but we hope to release sometime in 2011.

    The world percussion heads on the site are currently seperated by film type then construction.

    Here's links for all 3 films offered for bongos:

    **std. construction, "open-channel"**

    not shown on website yet, but you may contact us directly for more info.

    You can also check out a mini-website on conga heads which provides detailed info on the differences of film. We are working on a bongo chart but hopefully this will help for now.

    Fill free to contact us directly if you need further assistance.
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