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What resonant head to use on my bass drum

Hi there,
I fairly recently added a coated emperor and coated ambassador to my 20" bass drum (as batter and resonant) in an effort to get some sort of bonham sound. I use felt strips too. It sounds pretty good but there's actually not enough bright attack even when sticking a pillow in there.
I presume it sounds quite dull because of the emperor batter. So I was thinking of swapping the ambassador bass to batter and adding a normal coated ambassador to the resonant side. Would this work well? I was imagining the open tom principle of ambas batter and diplomat resonant. What's the difference in thickness between bass and normal ambas?
Many thanks
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  • Coated heads provide additional warmth. Having it on both the batter and resonant side offers more resonance control. Muffling coated heads may take away from the attack which is probably that dull sound you're experiencing. Have you tried that combo without the felts or maybe tuning up the resonant side a 1/2 step or 3rd above the batter-side?
    To get a sound close to Bonham without having too much resonance, I'd recommend a Clear Controlled Sound w/ black dot on the Batter side and a Powerstroke 4 Clear on the resonant. This combo will offer a brighter attack w/ minimal sustain while maintaining a mid-low bass tone and the aesthetics similar to his Vistalite kit. The Clear single ply CS offers attack and sensitivity with tonal focus and the P4 cuts the sustain and pulls it to that lower register with the 2 ply.
    If you'd prefer the resonant side not be clear, I'd recommend either a P3 Smooth-White for a warmer tone, P3 Ebony for a darker tone; or if you like the characterists of coated, use the Coated Ambassador. These heads also work well with a Clear P3 on the batter side.

    -The difference between a bass drumhead and a batter drumhead is the gauge of the flesh hoop to accommodate the counter-hoop, they are not interchangeable.

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