New Remo Bongo Skins

I would like to replace the skins using remo skins. What would you recommend for LP M201PR ?
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  • I believe these are the LP "Matador" bongos that use Traditional hoops and have the Puerto Rican Flag finish on the shells.
    We actually have Skyndeep "Puerto Rican" Flag graphic heads available but ideally you would need to update the counter-hoops to Comfort Curve 2 rims to ensure a good fit. Check with LP to make sure they're compatable.

    For traditional rims reference from the following options:
    [M9-0715-N5] nuskyn tucked 7.15 crown
    [M9-0850-N6] nuskyn tucked 8.50 crown

    [M9-0715-F3] fiberskyn tucked 7.15 crown
    [M9-0850-F4] fiberskyn tucked 8.50 crown

    [M6-0715-F1] fiberskyn std. 7.15 crown
    [M6-0850-F5] fiberskyn std. 8.50 crown

    For CC2 rims there is a lot to choose from! If you're interested in updating your counter-hoops or if you need further assistance in finding the head that you want, please call 1-800-525-5134
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